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Pre Operative Information

The following is important and helpful information about your upcoming surgery with Dr. Seneviratne.

Medical Clearance: Please visit your primary care physician for your pre-operative medical clearance. Your physician should fax the medical reports to Dr. Seneviratne’s office three (3) days prior to the surgical date.

Consent: You will sign the consent for the surgical procedure on the day of surgery.

Pre-Surgery Diet: Do not eat or drink anything after Midnight, the night before surgery. The night before surgery, you should take your last solid food by 9:00 pm. You may have clear fluid from 9 pm to 12 midnight. Even if someone from the hospital calls and says its OK to do so, please do not. On the morning of surgery, nothing should be consumed, not even water. You may take your routine medications with a small sip of water only.

Post-op Visit: Dr. Seneviratne would like to see you 7-10 days after your surgery. Please call the office ASAP to schedule your first post-op visit.

Accompaniment: New York State law requires that patient’s undergoing outpatient surgery must be accompanied by someone to escort them home from the hospital.

Transportation: Please make arrangements to have a family member or friend escort you home from the hospital or surgical center after your surgery. The hospital or surgical center will not discharge you without an escort. You cannot drive yourself home after surgery.

Aspirin and all products that contain Aspirin must be stopped one (1) week before your surgery. If your primary care physician or internist placed you on Aspirin or other medications containing aspirin for any reason, please alert them that you will be discontinuing Aspirin.

Anti-inflammatory Medications such as Advil, Aleve, Motrin, Ibuprofen etc. must be stopped 4 (four) days before your surgery. If you are unsure about what you are taking, please consult our office and speak with our staff, or Dr. Seneviratne.

Dietary Supplements/Herbal Supplements must be stopped one (1) week before your surgery. This would specifically include Vitamin E and Echanasia. These could potentially cause bleeding.

Alcohol and other mind-altering substances MUST be discontinued 24 hours prior to surgery.

Medications: If you take medications for high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, or cholesterol, please follow your normal routine of taking these medications. If you are diabetic, please ask your internist or primary care physician for specific instructions on taking your medications for diabetes. Again, if you need to take medication the morning of your surgery, you may take it with a small sip of water only.

Braces, Crutches, Slings or any other equipment Dr. Seneviratne has given you must be brought to the hospital on the day of your surgery. If this equipment is arranged through a third party vendor, they will be delivered to the hospital.

Films, CD’s and DVD’s of your MRIs, X-Rays, CAT scans, or any other relevant diagnostic studies in your possession must be brought with you to the hospital on the day of your surgery. If your studies are in our office, we will transport them to the hospital.

Jewelry/valuables and hair accessories should be left at home on the day of your surgery. These include wedding rings, other jewelry such as body piercings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You may wear an elastic hair tie or other hair retainer as long as it does not have metal in them. No barrettes or bobby pins are permitted. Please do not bring excessive cash or other valuables such as wristwatches.

The surgical facility will call you the day before your surgical date with further instructions and information on arrival time, location, and pre-op diet requirements etc.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

We will do our very best to make this a pleasant and most successful experience.